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Maintenance 101: A Guide to Knowing Your Truck’s Limits

Every day, vehicles get towed. To succeed in this, you need to know your truck’s ability before engaging it in the towing activity. Understanding this helps prevent excessive wear of your vehicle’s engine, transmissions, tires, and brakes.

While towing, people make mistakes such as:

  • Towing vehicles heavier than their towing capacity. It results in stressing the engine, therefore, damaging it and reducing its lifespan. A stressed engine can also lead to improper cooling or heating.
    • Using the wrong size balls for the bumper weight rating
    • Over speeding or racing while towing
    • Inappropriate tire pressures

Top Facts to Understand While Towing

Successful towing requires understanding your truck’s capabilities which go a long way in preventing its damage. These are simple towing facts.

What is Your Truck’s Towing Capacity?

Towing capacity is the maximum weight limit your vehicle can tow. It does not depend on the size of the car but many components such as wheels, suspension, and transmission. Some trucks can comfortably tow vehicles double their weight. Towing capacity information can be found in every vehicle’s handbook. A car towing should have a higher towing capacity compared to the car being towed.

How Is Your Engine Strength?

A vehicle’s towing capacity dictates its engine strength in terms of torque and horsepower. Torque is the ability to move a car after a halt. It is crucial in towing to allow heavy move loads. Towing stresses the engine, and hence the more the torque, the lesser the tear and wear.

Similarly, horsepower is the ability of a vehicle to accelerate when already in motion and pulling a load. It could be to pass slow drivers on the way or to increase your speed. An engine without reliable horsepower experiences challenges with acceleration while towing.

In comparing torque and horsepower, torque is more important since it allows you to move massive loads with little effort. Vehicles with diesel engines tend to create more torque compared to petrol or gasoline engines. Therefore, a diesel engine easily tows since it already has existing power, hence more incredible mileage.

Repairing a damaged vehicle comes with huge losses of time and finances. Towing without taking precautions can lead to damage to a vehicle’s engine, coatings, tires, and brakes. Keep these things in mind when you are looking at truck sales and what maintenance you want or need to continue after purchasing.

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