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When should home doors be replaced?

There is no clear-cut, black and white guide to when you should have your home doors replaced. The best bet is to ask the advice of an expert, with Lock and Roll the professionals when it comes to door and window repairs and replacements throughout the Sydney area.

There are a number of issues that can develop with both sliding and hinged doors; some can easily be repaired with the right know-how and parts, while others will require a whole new door to be installed.

Fortunately, Lock and Roll come backed with decades of experience in the door and window industry and can help you out of any situation.

The Things to Look Out For

Two major factors can lead to long term damage affecting your doors: wear and tear, plus the weather.

Tell-tale signs to look for that develop over time is that they become hard to open and close, or they allow in draughts, insects and light.

With sliding doors, repairs can be made to items like tracks, which can get misaligned over time, while parts such as rollers and mohair’s can become compromised, affecting the function of the doors.

Obviously, if the wear and tear are at the top of the scale, not only will the moving functions of the doors be compromised, but so too will their safety and security.

Old, worn out doors are most inviting to intruders, who can take advantage of their compromised state to make an easy entrance.

On the weather side of the equation, for outside facing doors, being constantly subjected to the elements can severely compromise a door’s function.

For instance, if a timber door is not adequately maintained, long term continued rain and moisture can eventually rot the wood of not only the door, but also the door frame.

Another factor that can be an issue for doors, especially wooden ones, is temperature changes between seasons, with wood tending to swell in summer and contract in winter.

On this front, internal factors in the house can cause issues, such as fireplaces, humidifiers, and air conditioners.

Other issues include the shifting foundations of a building, which can push the door opening out of the square, making them hard to open.

Outside of the major components of the door, be it the wood, a metal frame or glass, there are often underlying issues with hardware items, such as locks, knobs and handles, but also less visible items, including hinges, rollers, tracks and corner stakes, with Lock and Roll technicians arriving at your place fully stocked with most common part types.

Another area where Lock and Roll can come to the rescue is with problems surrounding specialist security doors, as well as the insect screens installed around your house.

Irrespective of the part or the problem, Lock and Roll can get you out of trouble!

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